Leaded Stained Glass

Leaded glass refers to the many pieces of clear, stained, beveled or otherwise decorative panes of glass soldered traditionally with lead to create a window. Leaded glass is not to be confused with lead glass, which is simply a type of glass mixed with lead to produce exceptionally clear and brilliant refraction.


Faceted Stained Glass

This kind of stained glass is when 1 inch-thick glass are chipped or faceted, then arranged in a mosaic-like pattern. Epoxy resin is poured between the pieces and allowed to harden and seal the art.


Mosaics are made up of closely set, small pieces of material such as stone, mineral, glass, tile or shell. Technical insight is the key to both the creation and the appreciation of mosaic, and the technical aspects of the art require special emphasis.


Custom Furnishings

Custom furnishings are designed in conjunction with the preexisting architecture. Each piece is unique to the job and its materials, such as marble, inlaid bronze, wood and stone. These furnishings will last generations and no project is exactly the same with the beautiful, natural patterns of marble.


Lexan is a protective covering for faceted and leaded windows, to extend their longevity and quality.